A Pilgrimage Begins!

Get ready for an exciting journey in faith, fellowship and inspiration. All aboard for the first leg of our collective journey in a program we call, “Adventures in Grace: a Pilgrimage”.

Mark your calendars for September 26th and September 29th

Mark your calendars for September 26th and September 29th as our pilgrimage kicks off. It promises to be an exhilarating, joyous and inspiring journey.  
What does this wonderful trip entail? All different types of experiences – delivered through the gifts of sacramentality — that will help you explore, discover, renew and deepen your faith. Everyone is welcome, there’s no cost to participate, and you can join at any time. And in case you’re wondering, it will also be FUN! The trip itinerary includes seven exciting stops beginning on September 26th and ending at Pentecost, 2022.
Ready to book your reservation? You can register for the program using the button above. There will also be opportunities to register in person after Sunday Masses, starting with our first event on 9/26 and thereafter. Stop by our “Adventures in Grace: a pilgrimage” travel kiosk located in the main church. You can also reach out to Marsha Adamczyk, Mary Whiteside, or any Holy Family staff member. 
We’ll be providing regular updates through church bulletins, emails, during Masses and on our website. Meanwhile, spread the word, dust off your Passport and we’ll see you on 9/26. 

About AiG

AIG is a spiritual renewal and faith enrichment program that’s part of the Archdiocese “Renew My Church” initiative created to inspire all to grow in faith, hope and love through a re-imagined, re-invented church.
The program is free and all are welcome! “Adventures in Grace: a pilgrimage” will feature a series of provocative, deepening personal and collective experiences steeped in Catholic tradition and centered on the gift of sacramentality. Your trip itinerary will include many different, exhilarating types of experiences including live events, large and small group sessions, music, videos, preaching, online activities and other ongoing programs at Holy Family, including regular Masses and the Holy Family Academy.
This all parish initiative into grace is a collaboration with our partners in Soul Play an inspirational ministry led by Dr. Terry Nelson Johnson who is on the staff at Old St. Patricks in Chicago.And you’ll be accompanied by fellow parishioners, our “Grace Guides”, specially trained to help facilitate the pilgrimage and enhance everyone’s experience. Look for more details and communication updates on emails, on our website at holyfamilyparish.org/aig, in church bulletins and through word of mouth.
If you have any questions about the program or would like more information, please contact:
Marsha Adamczyk – madamczyk@holyfamilyparish.org; 847-907-3458 or
Mary Whiteside – mwhiteside@holyfamilyparish.org; 847-907-3450
We look forward to seeing you in September as we embark on this
exciting journey together.
Mark your calendars, fasten your seatbelts and spread the word!

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