2022 | 2023 Annual Report

Dear Holy Family,

Last weekend our Annual Report Bulletin presenting a review of last year was distributed. I presented a summary of the report at all masses. The report is required by the Archdiocese and contains important information on our Church, not only the financial health, but also many of our other accomplishments. This report is the result of effort from every staff member.
We began the year in Gratitude for the abundance of grace bestowed upon us during and after the pandemic. Below are a few of the year’s highlights. I encourage you to review the entire report.

o Growing Engagement – Participation in our programs including SCC-GiGs, Shenanigans, and Family Mass.
o Building Faith – Increased enrollment in Faith classes and an increase in teen service programs.
o Education – The Academy celebrated its 20 year anniversary with a growth to almost 500 students.
o Concern for Others – Our Lenten Social project raised over $63,000, our PADS site will re-open because of volunteers.
o Ministries – Five new ministries were formed this year.
o Financial Support – Our Gala was the most successful ever and pledges continue to be fulfilled for Our Family’s Future Campaign.

Despite our many accomplishments we are still challenged in two areas. The first is the decline in volunteers needed to carry out our Mission. Holy Family has always thrived on our lay support and I am asking you for a renewed sense of service in one of our many ministries.

Second, we have experienced increased expenses as many of you have in your personal and business lives: salary and benefit costs have increased 5% and utilities are up 15% over the last two years. I am asking you to prayerfully evaluate your current giving level in support of our Mission and consider an increase commensurate with today’s cost of living. Please take the opportunity to hear my entire presentation. 

I am grateful for our community and the opportunity to be your Pastor. I look forward to another amazing year at Holy Family.


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