March 27, 2022

     We welcome Fr. David Kelly, Fr. Denny Kinderman, Nick Schafer and some members of Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) to Holy Family this weekend. Fr. Kelly will preach at all Masses and other members of their staff and community will be in the Narthex with more information about their ministry. In addition, following each Mass you can meet with Fr. Kelly and his staff in the chapel for additional opportunities to answer any questions you might have about our partnership with them.

     PBMR is located in the Back of the Yards/New City and Englewood neighborhoods of Chicago. PBMR serves youth, families and community members who are impacted by violence. They offer a restorative justice approach to conflict while building a sense of community.  This entails many unique efforts but one of them is to have perpetrators of crime and victims of their crimes to sit down and meet in person. It is a courageous and special form of reconciliation. Our Sacrament of Reconciliation ritualizes what often takes place in this restorative justice process – namely, to put back together something that has been fractured or broken. Men and women who are currently incarcerated are also supported by this ministry.

     PBMR has a mission that entails RADICAL HOSPITALITY, HOPE and HEALING. We often think of hospitality as snacks and drinks in the narthex following Mass. PBMR builds Radical Hospitality including an emphasis on Mercy Incarnate. Incarnate is a great Catholic word that means something becomes real. Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Word of God. God became real in Jesus. Jesus becomes real in the Eucharist and Mercy becomes real in the restorative justice initiatives of Precious Blood Ministries. May our partnership with them become real this Lent. 

     Let’s give PBMR a warm Holy Family welcome and let us support them as they bring so much hope in a troubled world. The nature of Mercy for us is to witness to that hope.

     There are many ways to do that, but as in previous Lenten Social Justice Projects, please place a donation in the large basket at the sanctuary steps. You can make a donation any time until the end of Lent.

The Prodigal Son

     This week’s Gospel is the classic story of the father who forgives both his prodigal son and his resentful older son.

     An important thing to remember is to whom Jesus is telling the story. His audience is Scribes and Pharisees – in other words religious leaders who are condemning Jesus because he associates with tax collectors and sinners.

     All Lent I have been combing the scriptures looking for further insight into the Nature of Mercy to  better embrace our theme for this season. You may try this yourself by simply reading the scriptures with an intentionality to define Mercy. We did this exercise as a group during our Directors meeting this week.

     Here are some of their insights:

Lost to found. Everything I have is yours.

Welcomes sinners. The celebration began.

You are with me always.

     Look for clues in the Lenten scriptures and in your everyday life to both define and live Mercy.

Holy Family’s 2022 Gala

     Our 2022 Gala, Rock Fest, will be held here at Holy Family on Saturday, April 23, and for those of you planning on attending get your tickets soon. There are only 350 available this year and they are selling fast! The funds raised at the Gala support efforts in our parish and academy that would not be possible in our regular budgets. Recently we have upgraded our first responder radio coverage on campus; upgraded streaming, sound and video capabilities in our church and chapel; replaced our original kitchen appliances; enhanced our community outreach efforts; purchased new computers and laptops for Academy students along with a new math curriculum; provided student counseling services, and much more. Join us at the Gala and I guarantee you will have a rockin’ good time.

     If you can’t make to this year’s Gala you can still show your support by donating to our ‘May I Have The Envelope Please’ challenge. We have 500 envelopes valued from $1 to $500 available; if we can fill all 500 envelopes with the corresponding donation amount, we will have raised $125,000. You can purchase one or more envelopes on-line at the Gala website, or take an envelope from the board in the Narthex and return it with your donation to the front office. See the Gala ad in this Bulletin for more details.

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