October 2nd, 2022

Looking Back

Last weekend we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the installation of our Cross of New Life. We offer a special thanks to a dedicated group of founding parishioners who are still an integral part of our community for making the Cross a reality. Thanks to our founding pastor, Fr. Med Laz, for his vision for the Cross and his beautiful reflection that appeared in last week’s bulletin. Thanks to our second pastor, Fr. Pat Brennan, for completing the process of bringing the Cross here, and for giving the great piece of art its name The Cross of New Life. Thanks to Gene Garcia and Michael Patti, for creating the beautiful video that was shown at each Mass this past weekend giving a brief history of the Cross. That video, along with other reflections and information about our Cross of New Life, are available on our website and can be accessed literally any time.

The artist who created the Cross, Ernest Caballero, also wrote a beautiful prayer that you will certainly find helpful in connecting you to the Cross.  The prayer will be available at our Front Desk and under the narthex monitors, but here is the text for your prayerful consideration.

“Take my hand, come into this space with me. I am a bridge between two worlds. I reach here into this world of fear and offer my hand, the hand of Radiance, the touch of peace beyond understanding. Gradually wean yourself from fear, and learn to trust the power of your own goodness. What you see in me lives in you. You refuse my Presence when the voice of fear runs you. Be kind with yourself and move into my Presence gradually; a lifetime of fear and struggle does not give up its habits easily. I live in the center of the Cross, the place where Spirit and matter meet, where the visible and invisible join the place of mystery, the place of the Sacred. Know me not just with your intellect, but feel me with your heart, feel me with your whole body.”

Ernest Caballero, Artist

Looking Ahead

Our Adventures in Grace engaged many throughout last year and we have promised that this adventure will continue. We resume the adventure this week. I will preach at all Masses this weekend to prepare us to welcome Fr. Ed Shea, a Franciscan priest who will engage us even more this Wednesday, October 5 at 7:00pm in Church. Fr. Ed has joined us in the past and was very well received. He will be speaking about “Tenderness and Forgiveness.” This is the first in a series this year that will follow the pattern of last year, weekend Masses presenting a specific adventure and then a speaker on the following Wednesday, to help us focus on the continuing grace of our adventure of faith.

Ed will share with us how he was VERY moved by Pope Francis’ declaration that 2015-16 be designated as a year of Mercy. This designation literally changed his life. He began to be committed to Mercy not simply as a concept but as a way of life. He pointed out to me that the year was introduced on Divine Mercy Sunday (the Sunday following Easter) in 2015. This ushered in a year that invited us to see the difference between Divine Mercy and Human Mercy. Fr. Shea will address the wider and deeper mercy that is God’s, a preemptive, proactive mercy that is critical to both tenderness and forgiveness.

We feel very fortunate to have Fr. Shea joining us, particularly the day following the feast of the founder of his Order, St. Francis of Assisi. He will invoke the spirit of St. Francis a lot during his presentation and when I asked if he would sing, his reply was, “Guaranteed!”

I know you will find Ed inspiring and poignant in the ongoing focus of tenderness, forgiveness and Mercy.  Please plan on joining us and bring your friends, particularly those who may be searching for a spiritual home.

Thanks to all who volunteered and attended our Fall Fest last weekend. It is always good when we come together as a community!

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