Rising from Divorce


Kathy Kvitek

Michael Kimak


This ministry is a support group for individuals facing separation, divorce or annulment. This open and ongoing support group will help you heal and cope. Faith sharing, speakers and social activities are offered throughout the year. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday from 7-9pm .

  • Are you contemplating the possibility of separation or divorce?
  • Are you going through divorce or annulment process?
  • Are you divorced?

Are you facing some of these concerns:

  • Stress, anger and loneliness
  • Absence of trust
  • Fear of conflict
  • Difficulties with parenting or co-parenting

Upcoming Events

Part I – Finding Peace

April 1           Getting Your Bearings

  • Shock & Denial are Normal
  • Worry & Fear May Overwhelm You
  • Your Healing Must Come First

April 15         Finding Strength and Help

  • Don’t Give In to the Loneliness
  • Look for Help from the Church
  • Make an Interim Plan

May 6            Getting Through Your Anger

  • Anger is a Normal Response
  • Loss Can Trigger Anger
  • Anger Can Move You to Justice

May 20          Dealing with Depression

  • Isolation is Sometime Necessary
  • Depression is Different for Everyone
  • Don’t Let Your Feeling Paralyze You

Part 2 – Finding Power

June 3            Learning to Forgive

  • Forgiveness is a Command
  • Forgiveness is Not a Feeling
  • Forgiveness Doesn’t Cancel Justice

June 17         Dealing with Your Family

  • Be Realistic About Your Ex
  • Be Patient First, Not a Friend
  • Heal Your Own Emotions First

July 8            Handling Money Wisely

  • Love of Money is Evil
  • Take care of First Things First
  • Less is Really More

July 22           Learning to Let Go

  • Avoid Court if You Can
  • Know When You Have to Fight
  • Ask Only for What You Need

Part 2 – Finding Passion

Aug 5             Seeing God in Romance

  • God Proposes Love
  • True Love is Always Faithful
  • The Truth Will Set You Free

Aug 19           Deciding About Dating

  • Be Willing to Be Alone
  • Look For Things That Matter
  • Commit to Doing it Right

Sep 9              Loving All Church Teachings

  • Stay Open to the Truth
  • See the Church as Your Mother
  • Find Peace in Confession

Sep 23           Finding Love that Lasts

  • Our Destiny is Heaven
  • Jesus is True Love
  • The Saints Can Point the Way

Programs TBD:


            Oct 7, 21

            Nov 4, 18

            Dec 2, 16

Meetings held at Holy Family Catholic Community, 2515 Palatine Rd, Inverness.
Contact Mimi at 847-907-3425 for more information. RSVP not required but appreciated.

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