Spirit Camp 2021 Permission Form and Participation Agreement

Please read carefully before signing:

I and/or my son or daughter or ward named below (collectively and each a “Participant”) would like to participate in Spirit Camp 2021, taking place on June 14-18 at Holy Family Parish, Inverness, IL. This Permission Form and Participation Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions for participation in this event. In consideration of being allowed to join the Parish group during its participation at the Event, as well as the goodwill received there from, each Participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that:

1. While at the Event, Participant may be perceived as representing the Archdiocesan Parties and will therefore follow all policies and procedures of the Archdiocesan Parties and exhibit conduct which is reasonable and respectful;

2. Federal and State government officials have declared a public health crisis in our country related to COVID-19 and the parish cannot prevent Participant from becoming exposed to, contracting or spreading COVID-19 while participating in or attending the event.

3. Participant has adequate health insurance to cover all medical issues that might arise during the Event and agrees to provide evidence of that insurance and to provide the below information;

4. Participant recognizes that the Archdiocesan Parties are not responsible to have medical personnel available during the Event, but Participant hereby agrees that personnel of the Archdiocesan Parties may authorize or perform emergency medical treatment if they believe that it is necessary for Participant’s health, safety and well-being. In the event of an injury or illness which requires immediate examination or treatment in the opinion of Archdiocesan Parties, Participant hereby authorizes the Archdiocesan Parties to have Participant transported by car or ambulance to the nearest hospital at Participant’s sole risk, cost and expense and Participant agrees that necessary emergency treatment may be given by any hospital personnel on call. If this occurs, Participant hereby agrees that the efforts of the Archdiocesan Parties to contact Participant’s family as soon as practical after the injury or illness occurs shall be satisfactory, whether before or after treatment. Participant hereby understands and agrees that the Archdiocesan Parties assume no financial responsibility for ambulance conveyance or medical expenses incurred by Participant during, or resulting from, the Event and that the Archdiocesan Parties do not carry medical expense insurance for the benefit of Participant;

5. Participant agrees to obey all local, county, state and federal laws, rules and regulations and guidance, including but not limited to, the COVID mitigation measure recommended by the state or local health departments and in effect at the time of the Event while at this Event and will also comply with the rules and regulations stipulated to Participant by personnel of the Archdiocesan Parties in relation to the Event. In the event Participant violates the terms of this Agreement, Participant acknowledges that he/she may be required to obtain their own transportation home from the Event;

6. Participant hereby agrees and authorizes the Archdiocesan Parties to use and reuse Participant’s image, likeness and voice recording in any photograph, video recording and/or audio recording (collectively “Recordings”) for the purposes of education, marketing or promotion of the Archdiocesan Parties without compensation or notice to Participant and the Recordings may be used within the websites, social media sites, brochures, or other communication materials of the Archdiocesan Parties at any time;

7. Participant fully understands that there are dangers, hazards, and risks directly or inherently involved with the Event that may include, but not be limited to, property damage, death or illness (including exposure to COVID-19) or injury by accident or by disease, resulting from or related to attending the Event, injury by accident or disease, resulting from or related to attending the Event, walking and/or climbing stairs in places and conditions that may be familiar or unfamiliar, weather conditions, as well as inadequate or non-existent medical services and/or supplies, and Participant hereby expressly assumes the risk of all such harm;

8. In addition to the foregoing, Participant fully understands and agrees that Participant expressly assumes all risks from unforeseen dangers and hazards suffered at or in connection with the Event and arising out of or related to forces beyond Archdiocesan Parties’ control, including, without limitation, risks, hazards and dangers resulting from strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts or threatened acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, acts of God, lighting strikes and other hazardous weather events, as well as interruptions, losses or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) equipment or services, as well as criminal acts of third-parties. 9. Participant hereby agrees to forever release and discharge the Parish, The Catholic Bishop of Chicago, an Illinois corporation sole and all of their affiliates, clergy, employees, agents, volunteers, successors and assigns (“Archdiocesan Parties”) from and against any and all claims, damages or liabilities resulting from or related to the Event and/or any personal injury, loss of life or damage of property sustained by Participant at or in any way related to the Event or this Agreement;

10. Participant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Archdiocesan Parties harmless from and against any and all lawsuits, judgments, claims, actions, damages, losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from Participant’s participation in the Event, including but not limited to such liability, claims and damages related to injury, illness, death, property damage and/or the Recordings which may occur during or in which any way relate to the Event or this Agreement; and

11. Participant hereby waives any defense to the enforcement of any provision of this Agreement arising from a lack of consideration and Participant agrees that all of the terms of this Agreement are legal, valid and binding.

By signing below, Participant hereby warrants and represents to the Archdiocesan Parties that Participant: (i) has read this Agreement; (ii) understands all of the terms of this Agreement; (iii) agrees to all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement; and (iv) has signed this Agreement freely, voluntarily and without duress. Participant acknowledges that this Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Illinois. In addition, Participant agrees that the laws of the State of Illinois, without giving effect to its conflicts of law principles, govern all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement and that all legal actions or proceedings arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the Event must be filed in any court of the State of Illinois located in Cook County. In the event that any clause or provision of this Agreement shall be held invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of this Agreement which shall continue to be enforceable.

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