Examples of Reflection Guides For Parents

KID CHURCHlsReflection Guides are used to discuss the readings of that day with the children in the session.

August 30

In today’s story, we talked a lot about rules.

  1. What are some rules you have to follow at home? What about at the park, school, and church?
  2. While following rules is important, God wants us to focus on something even more important, having Jesus in your heart. When Jesus is in our hearts we choose to be good people because we want to make God happy and love others, not because a rule says we have to do something.
  3. What are some nice things you can do today because you have Jesus in your heart?

October 25

In today’s gospel reading we learn Jesus healed a blind man by giving back the sense of sight. The story is not only about how Jesus was an amazing healer, but also how Bartimaeus had incredible faith.

  1. Can you name the five senses?
  2. Can you talk about how each sense helps us understand our world. (Depending on age of your child, you might discuss blindness and deafness).
  3. We are so blessed to be able to use our eyes to see. What are some awesome colors you see outside in nature this time of year? What is your favorite color?
  4. How do you show your faith in Jesus?

December 20

  1. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday! What special things have you and your family been doing to prepare for Jesus’ birth?
  2. How do you and your family prepare for visitors? How do you make your guests feel welcome when they are with you?
  3. The Gospel said, “The Lord has blessed you because you believed that he will keep his promise.” What are some examples of the way Jesus keeps his promise to you and your family?

January 21

This Gospel teaches and reminds us that everyone is a member of God’s church and family.

  1. Discuss with your family how we show this message in our homes? At school?
  2. What is God’s good news that Jesus came to share today?
  3. How do you think the people listening to Jesus in the synagogue where feeling when Jesus shared such great news?
  4. What is one act of kindness you can do this week to spread the message that Jesus shared today.

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