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The Director of Family &Teen Faith

For more info contact Parish Manager Eric Kramp at

Title: Director; Family & Teen Faith (4/23)
Department: Family & Teen Faith
Parish: Holy Family Catholic Community, Inverness
Reports to: Pastor and Parish Manager
Direct Subordinates: Family & Teen Faith Staff members; Volunteers
Status: Full-time

Job Summary:
The FTF Director at Holy Family Catholic Community is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of a holistic catechetical ministry for youth and families. They manage staff and volunteers, schedule events, evaluate resources and curricula, and serve as a catechetical resource person. The Director collaborates with the Pastor and other Directors to implement the parish mission statement, “Empowering all to experience New Life in Christ through sacramental living, transformative worship, lifelong spiritual growth, and community in service to others.” An essential responsibility of the FTF Director is to create programs for sacramental preparation, such as RCIC, First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. These programs are crucial in helping the youth understand and embrace their faith. Overall, the FTF Director plays a vital role in guiding the spiritual lives of the youth and families at Holy Family Catholic Community.

The ideal candidate must: 
•Establish and maintain successful relationships with children, parents and volunteers and other parish statmembers
•Build and maintain community among the Family Faith team, catechists, ministry volunteers, parents, students and help the Family & Teen Faith families integrate fully into the Holy Family
•Communicate effectively verbally and in writing in both one-on-one and group settings
•Work collaboratively as part of several teams as a member and often as a leader Be comfortable facilitating large and small groups
•Solve problems creatively
•Manage several projects at a time
•Be proficient at needs assessment and evaluative processes
C•reate and implement new events/programs based on needs assessment
•Facilitate effective group interaction and teamwork among the Family & Teen Faith Staff
•Demonstrate an understanding of
   • Catholic teaching and tradition
   • Human development Religious Education trends
•Patterns of spiritual development for various ages • Liturgical and sacramental rubrics
•Demonstrate excellent organizational skills
•Be capable of instituting and maintaining protocols for efficient functioning of the Family &Teen Faithoffices
•Be able to work nights &weekends when required B e Virtus compliant

A Master’s degree or higher in Theology, Pastoral Studies, Religious Education, Spirituality or a related field is required. Experience as an administrator is preferred.

General Duties and Responsibilities
•Is conversant with the policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Holy Family for catechesis Attends the weekly meeting of the Pastor’s Leadership Team
•Meets with the Pastor and/or Director of Operations weekly
•Attend the monthly parish all-staff meetings
•Collaborates with other members of the Pastor’s leadership team to develop, support and implement the vision and the mission of the parish
•Be present at major Parish events and assist where needed
•Other duties as assigned by the Pastor or his delegate
•Convenes and directs Family &Teen Faith staffmeetings
•Provide supervision for the Family & Teen Faith staff members, ministry leads and volunteers
Establish and maintain ongoing communication with Family Faith catechists, HFCA faculty and parents engaged ni sacramental preparation forRCIC, Reconciliation and First Eucharist
•Maintain presence before &after Faith events to support, assist, communicate with catechists, teens and parents as needed
•In collaboration with the Pastor and other members of the Family &Teen Faith staff, evaluate the effectiveness of all catechetical programs
•Implements conflict management procedures when appropriate
•Ensures maintenance and safety of premises according to local procedures
•Develops all opportunities faith formation inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities
•Takes responsibility for his/her own professional and spiritual development

•Overall responsibility for the effective delivery of Faith formation events, programs, ministries and functioning of the Family &Teen Faith Office
• Insures the maintenance of accurate records on student enrollment, attendance and sacramental
preparation and submits requested data to the Office for Catechesis
• Communicates with F T Staff members to see that space needs and set-ups areturned in as needed

• Develops and monitors the annual budget for Family &Teen Faith, making sure expenditures do not exceed revenues.

Catechist and AdultVolunteerFormation
•In conjunction with other Family & Teen Faith staff recruit, train, facilitate and supervise volunteers to assist with the program
• In collaboration with the FTF, staff design and implement at least two (2) Catechist formation events each year for both Family & Teen Faith catechists as well as opportunities for online training/formation
• Provides parents with formation so they can effectively carry out their role as the primary teachers of their children

• Collaborates with the pastor, other parish ministers and appropriate committees, boards and councils.
•Oversees all communications from the Family & Teen Faith Office regarding events, programs, ministries, and s a c r a m e n t a lpreparation programs.
•Oversees the material communicated in the bulletin, Family & Teen Faith pages on the parish website, the Teen Faith website and social media outlets
•Ensures that all written and or digital communication from the Family & Teen Faith Office adheres to Archdiocesan and Parish policies.

•Monitors attrition and attendance rates and in conjunction with other staff members, designs, implements and evaluates plans to decrease attrition and increase attendance

• Liaise with the Office for Liturgical Life on all events, programs and ministries that enhance the essential
connection between Worship and Catechesis
•Provides opportunities for families, children and teens to participate in the liturgical life of Holy Family Insures that sacramental preparation processes are rooted in the liturgical life of the parish

Religious Education
•Serves as a catechetical resource person for the parish
•Evaluate the effectiveness of all Family & Teen Faith events, programs, ministries in conjunction with the Pastor and the Family & Teen Faith staff
•In conjunction with the Family &Teen Faith staff evaluate program resources, develop curricula, schedule classes and programs for
   •Kid Church
   •Family Faith
   •HomeSchool Religious Education Special Needs children

Sacramental Preparation
•In conjunction with the Pastor, the Family Faith REC, Teen Faith CC and HFCA staff members designs, implements and evaluates sacramental Preparation Sessions for First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.
•In conjunction with the design, implement and evaluate Sacramental Preparation sessions
•Facilitate large and small group presentations during sacramental preparation as needed In conjunction with the Assoc. Dir. of Family &Teen Faith design, implement and evaluate make-up options for missed Sacramental Preparation sessions
•In conjunction with the CRE for FLAME designs, implements and evaluates Confirmation Preparation events and programs
•Insures that accurate sacramental records are kept

Staff Supervision
•Supervises the work of the Family &Teen Faith department
•Recruiting and selecting staff members ni conjunction with the Pastor and his delegates
•Identifying formational needs of Family &Teen Faith Staff and provides Family &Teen staff members with opportunities for professional and spiritual development
•Meets individually with Family &Teen Faith Staff members regularly for the purpose of supervision Planning, monitoring,and appraising job results

Part Time Light Maintenance & Building Monitoring

Come join our maintenance team!
16-20 Hours Per Week
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
Afternoons and Early Evenings
Competitive Compensation

Looking for a reliable, independent individual to be responsible for:

•First line maintenance support, e.g.
•Lighting/temperature adjustments
•Room set-up/take down
•Monitoring building activity and securing at the of the day

Contact Bob Clough at if you are interested.

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