Marian Ministry


Name: Marie Fallon


As Catholics, we believe that our Blessed Mother is the greatest intercessor to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She stresses the importance of praying the Rosary, attending Mass and receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation.  Every Monday at 6:30 we meet to pray the Rosary and attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  We also meet on first Fridays and Saturdays along with an Easter devotion.

On the third weekend of every month, the Marian Ministry joins with the Knights of Columbus praying the Rosary after every Mass.  We have a specific theme each month plus we include our own petitions e.g: World Peace.

Every January the MM joins the Knights of Columbus (KoC) along with other parishes Marching For Life in Palatine then feeding all 1200 in St. Theresa’s Hall after the march.

MM brings Pilgrims to Holy Shrines and Apparition sites such as Medjugorje.  We also attend many spiritual conferences and retreats whether at HF, local parishes or out of State.

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