In honor of the July 4th holiday the building will be closed on Monday, July 4th. We will not celebrate daily Mass or the sacrament of reconciliation.

Staff Listing

Fr. Terry Keehan, Pastor

Paula Nowicki, Assistant to Pastor/Bulletin Editor, 847-907-3416

Sacraments and Welcoming
Sue Geegan, Welcoming, 847-907-3443

Judy Petrie, Baptism Coordinator/Liturgical Arts Administration 847-907-3430

Mary Whiteside, Adult Faith Life, 847-907-3450

Human Concerns
Sue Geegan, Director, 847-907-3443

Pastoral Care

Jeannie Parry, Administrative Assistant – Weddings, 847-907-3448

Family and Teen Faith
Peg Hanrahan, Director, 847-907-3431

Laura Ferlita, Associate Director of Family Faith, 847-907-3436

Maureen Cochran, Teen Faith Catechetical Coordinator, 847-907-3446

Joan Sloan, 847-359-3447

Holy Family Academy
Kate O’Brien, Principal, 847-907-3419

Laura Clark, Assistant Principal, 847-907-3497

Deb Atkins, School Tours and Development, 847-907-3461

Lyticia Carrington, School Finance, 847-907-3498

Kathy Knuth, School Nurse, 847-907-3481

Adult Faith Life
Mary Whiteside, Director, 847-907-3450

Marsha Adamczyk, Associate Director, 847-907-3458

Jeannie Parry, Administrative Assistant – Weddings, 847-907-3448

Music and Worship Technology
Gene Garcia, Director, 847-907-3434

For Wedding Music Questions –

Parish Support and Services
Rosemary Geisler, Parish Manager, 847-907-3424

Digital Development Department
Michael Patti, Director of Digital Development

Bernie Schaeffer, Director, 847-907-3420

Jaclyn Pulkrabek, Parish Office Manager, 847-907-3445

Jean Swenson, Database Manager/Facility Scheduler, 847-907-3428

Ray Lacek, Building Engineer, 847-907-3437

Bob Clough, Maintenance Supervisor,  847-907-3437

Bernadette Konopka, Finance Manager, 847-907-3438

Sacramental/Formation Ministers
Friar Johnpaul Cafiero, OFM

Fr. Denis Carneiro

Fr. Bill Zavaski

Dennis Brown , Pastoral Associate, 847-359-0042

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