Staff Listing

Fr. Terry Keehan, Pastor

Paula Nowicki, Assistant to Pastor/Bulletin Editor, 847-907-3416

Sacraments and Welcoming
Sue Geegan, Welcoming, 847-907-3443

Judy Petrie, Baptism Coordinator/Liturgical Arts Administration 847-907-3430

Mary Whiteside, Adult Faith Life, 847-907-3450

Human Concerns
Sue Geegan, Director, 847-907-3443

Pastoral Care

Jeannie Parry, Administrative Assistant – Weddings, 847-907-3448

Family and Teen Faith
Peg Hanrahan, Director, 847-907-3431

Laura Ferlita, Associate Director of Family Faith, 847-907-3436

Maureen Cochran, Teen Faith Catechetical Coordinator, 847-907-3446

Joan Sloan, 847-359-3447

Holy Family Academy
Kate O’Brien, Principal, 847-907-3419

Laura Clark, Assistant Principal, 847-907-3497

Deb Atkins, School Tours and Development, 847-907-3461

Lyticia Carrington, School Finance, 847-907-3498

Kathy Knuth, School Nurse, 847-907-3481

Adult Faith Life
Mary Whiteside, Director, 847-907-3450

Marsha Adamczyk, Associate Director, 847-907-3458

Jeannie Parry, Administrative Assistant – Weddings, 847-907-3448

Music and Worship Technology
Gene Garcia, Director, 847-907-3434

For Wedding Music Questions –

Parish Support and Services
Rosemary Geisler, Parish Manager, 847-907-3424

Digital Development Department
Michael Patti, Director of Digital Development

Bernie Schaeffer, Director, 847-907-3420

Jaclyn Pulkrabek, Parish Office Manager, 847-907-3445

Jean Swenson, Database Manager/Facility Scheduler, 847-907-3428

Ray Lacek, Building Engineer, 847-907-3437

Bob Clough, Maintenance Supervisor,  847-907-3437

Bernadette Konopka, Finance Manager, 847-907-3438

Sacramental/Formation Ministers
Friar Johnpaul Cafiero, OFM

Fr. Denis Carneiro

Fr. Bill Zavaski

Dennis Brown , Pastoral Associate, 847-359-0042

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