2023-2024 Faith Program Options

The evidence is in!

Parents are the most significant and lasting influence on the religious and spiritual development of young people. This influence is not only formative when children are young, it continues to guide their children for the rest of their lives.

Catholic Identity becomes rooted in children’s lives through the day-to-day religious practices of the family, the ways parents model their faith through their personal involvement in Church life and Sunday worship, and through their conversations with their children about faith.

Goals for this year

  • Engage parents in their own faith formation so they can effectively share their faith with their children.
  • Equip parents to practice the faith at home.
  • Unite families in Sunday worship

Program Formats

Choose the 1 option that works best for your family:

Family Faith Grades 1-6 in-person Format

  • 16 Classes facilitated by catechists on campus

  • Participation in 8 Family Masses celebrated at 9:00 am.

Meeting times:

Sunday morning 8:45-10:15 am

Sunday evening 5:15-6:45 pm

Home Faith Format

  • 24 weekly online lessons done at home, with the parent serving as the principal catechist

  • Attendance as a family at the weekend liturgy of your choice.

Note: We ask that you choose one (1) of the formats for the year, as opposed to choosing a different format each week so we can recruit and train enough catechists. Tuition is the same for all three options.

Tuition assistance is available to all registered parishioners.

Click Here to Learn More About The Home Faith Format

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