Creation Care Team

Jeff Hitz

Carrie Crall

The Creation Care Ministry exists to learn about and educate others of the importance to care for God’s creation, protecting our common home for the wellbeing of all, especially for future generations.

Our Values seek to address:
•Response to the Cry of the Earth is a call to protect our common home for the wellbeing of all, as we equitably address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and ecological sustainability.
•Response to the Cry of the Poor is a call to promote eco-justice, aware that we are called to defend human life from conception to death, and all forms of life on Earth. 
•Ecological Economics acknowledges that the economy is a sub-system of human society, which itself is embedded within the biosphere – our common home.
•Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles is grounded in the idea of sufficiency and promoting sobriety in the use of resources and energy.
•Ecological Education is about rethinking and redesigning curricular and institutional reform in the spirit of integral ecology in order to foster ecological awareness and transformative action.
•Ecological Spirituality springs from a profound ecological conversion and helps us “discover God in all things,” in the beauty of creation, in the sighs of the sick, and in the groans of the afflicted, aware that the life of the spirit is not dissociated from worldly realities.
•Community Resilience and Empowerment envisage a synodal journey of community engagement and participatory action at various levels.

Pope Frances wrote the encyclical…..) with:  We have some exciting programs being considered for the coming year, and we would welcome your participation in our efforts to Care for God’s creation. There are multiple ways you can participate:
  • Become part of our Creation Care Team. We meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10:30 AM.
  • Be on the mailing list for the monthly agendas and minutes and provide feedback (and new ideas) by email, text, or phone
  • Be available to assist with special events and programs as they are developed.
  • Participate in programs currently being developed at the Archdiocese level (may require attendance at events in other locations or on evening Zoom calls).
If you have an interest in working with us, please contact Jeff Hitz at

Upcoming Events

Order your sapling(s) through April 15 
All saplings are 12″-18″ and potted. 
They will grow to be 50′-80′, so allow enough space when planting.  
No limit to the number of saplings you can order.

For more information and to order your sapling(s) click the button below:

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