Disability Access Coordinator
Contact:  Lisa Gagliano, PhD, CRC, LPC, CCTP

Disability Accessibility Ministry

A.C.T.S.: Accessibility in Community, Table and Scripture in support of our disability community.

To invite people with disabilities into full community with the church by effectively addressing access barriers and supporting an appreciation for disability diversity
  • Serve as a point-of-contact for individuals/families with disability and actively listen to their needs and/or concerns
  • Recommend and/or coordinate accommodations or other supports to ensure that individuals/families with disability enjoy active participation in parish life
  • Provide guidance to parish staff on practical matters related to disability (e.g. disability etiquette, provision of reasonable accommodations, program modifications, & barrier mitigation and elimination)
For anyone with a disability who has sensory needs or noise sensitivities, the front office has busy bags and headphones which can be checked out with an ID.  Earplugs are also available.  Seating areas marked with blue fabric signs accommodate a variety of special needs. 
This video provides an introduction to ACTS in American Sign Language.
ACTS stands for Accessibility in Community, Table, and Scripture. ACTS is a ministry that focuses on: (1) supporting the access needs of people with disabilities in our faith community, (2) increasing awareness of disability as an aspect of diversity, and (3) celebrating the vibrant culture of the disability community.
ACTS is a ministry for everyone! All in our faith community are invited to support our efforts to make Holy Family a more accessible place where all are welcome and all belong.

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