Donate Stock to Holy Family

Did you know that you can donate securities directly to Holy Family?

Donating a security that has appreciated in value since acquiring it can provide you with an itemized charitable deduction, avoid capital gains taxes and reduce your personal income tax. All this while providing valuable resources to Holy Family to help fulfill the parish mission and outreach efforts. Here is an example:

1. Acquired 100 shares of XYC Company at $30/share $3,000
2. Stock appreciated in value to $45/share $4.500
3. Capital gains $1,500
4. Donate shares directly to Holy Family
– Charity receives $4,500
– Capital gains tax avoided $ 214 (4500-3000)x 14%
– Personal income tax savings $1,250 4500 x 28%

Consult your securities broker, tax planner or financial planning professional for assistance.

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