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Faith On Fire

Faith on Fire is a teen driven program for high school juniors and seniors that meets once a month on Sunday nights from 7:00-8:15pm and Sunday mornings 10-11am between 9:00 and 11:00 Masses. This group provides peer support, community, continuing faith formation, and socialization.  Topics discussed each year are chosen by the teens and considered in multiple discussions, presentations, and activities.

Why come? It’s a great way to stay connected at Holy Family and continue to grow in your Catholic faith after Confirmation. This is an accepting place where you can share your ideas and feelings. The last two years of high school bring new experiences and challenges. Our faith can be a powerful tool in facing these and this group can provide a wonderful community to support that.

Sunday night schedule and possible topics will be selected and prioritized by teens at our first meeting. 7PM to 8:15PM – Holy Family Teen Center

Dates                                       Possible Topics

October 2, 2022                       Temptation

November 6, 2022                   Managing Stress

December 4, 2022                   Dealing with challenges to your beliefs

January 22, 2023                     Relationships/Dating/Friends

February 5, 2023                     Keeping your faith

March 12, 2023                       Disagreement with Church teachings

April 16, 2023                         Prayer and other Spiritual Practices

May TBD, 2023 (Leadership Awards/FOF End of Year Party)

Sunday morning schedule is every Sunday (unless notified in Realm) between Sunday Masses. 10AM-11AM – Holy Family Teen Center. Teens can attend either 9AM or 11AM Mass as a group and discuss the daily readings and reflections as it relates to them in between.

Snacks provided (including allergy considerate options) and an opportunity to consider and grow your faith while helping build community.

No registration is required. Faith on Fire is open to all juniors and seniors, no matter the school, parish, or faith; confirmed or not confirmed. All are welcome so bring a friend!

I want to be a Peer Minister after Confirmation. Can I still be a part of Faith on Fire? YES! All of the Faith on Fire session are on scheduled FLAME and Ignite dates but our times do not overlap. You can do both!

Do I have to be a Peer Minister to be part of this group?

NO! All Juniors and Seniors are invited to be part of this group. If you are not part of Peer Ministry, simply come to Holy Family at 7:00 on the scheduled dates.

Alumni Visitors are always welcome!

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