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UPDATE: PADS Homeless Shelter

Holy Family had been providing food and shelter to our homeless neighbors through a PADS site on Sunday evenings for over 20 years.  COVID shut down all PADS sites in our area in 2020.  Some sites have opened up again.  Holy Family has been unable to fully open our PADS site due to a lack of shift volunteers to serve on Monday morning from 3am-7am and clean up the site from 6-7am.   Currently, there is no other Sunday site open.

If you would like more details about these shifts and are willing to help out on either one, even once a month, please reach out to Sue Geegan at or 847-907-3443.  The weather is getting colder and unless we have more volunteers to help fill these overnight/early morning shifts, these guests will not have a place for food and shelter on Sunday evening.  Thank you for your consideration.

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