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FLAME is the initial high school catechetical ministry at Holy Family Catholic Community. It is designed for freshman and sophomores in high school who want to further their understanding and knowledge of the Catholic faith in a small group setting. We meet on Sundays beginning with the 4 p.m. Mass followed by small groups led by peer ministers and adult facilitators. The evening ends at 7:00 p.m.

Our curriculum is organically grown which means that our lessons are current, in touch with our teens’ lives, and flexible to meet each group’s needs. Our system is based on a two-year cycle composed of ten small group sessions.

Each session begins with vibrant worship at our 4pm Teen Mass hosted by one of our own small groups who also provide hospitality after Mass. We then meet as a large group for prayer and announcements before proceeding to breakout sessions for the evening’s discussion. All of our breakout topics include the following components:  Scripture, Shared experiences by adults and teens, Catholic Theology and learning, I learned statements and putting our faith in action or lived experience.

We partner our FLAME groups with two wonderful organizations, Interfaith House during the first year of FLAME and St. Leonard’s House Ministries during FLAME II. We truly believe that service is one of the most aspects of our faith lives. We ask each teen to engage in ten hours of service each year and these outings complete most of those hours.

It is very important for everyone to be on time since FLAME begins with Mass. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the 4:00 p.m. Liturgy. We gear this Mass towards teenagers and young adults with music, homilies, and spirit. Teens should know that adult parishioners are inspired by their youthful presence.

We expect teens enrolled in FLAME to attend all sessions since this helps build the small group dynamic. If a teen is absent due to extenuating circumstances a parent must report their absence to our office.

FLAME Sessions are required for teens that are enrolled in “Celebrating the Spirit”, our Confirmation prep program. Click here for further information about Confirmation.

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