Holy Family's Statement Against The Sin Of Racism

Individual and systemic racism, in our past and currently, is a sin. It is antithetical to the founding principles of our nation’s Democracy, the vision of equality in which our God created us, and the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.  Sin is reconciled by truly acknowledging it, being as sincere as possible in asking for, and trusting in, God’s forgiveness and genuinely committing to change through action.

WE here at Holy Family Catholic Community will carry out our commitment to reconciling racist sin by fully living out the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching and will carry out that commitment through education, formation, discussion, and engagement.

We ask all who call Holy Family home for a full and genuine commitment to this reconciliation.

Statement of Cardinal Cupich on the Atlanta-area Shootings

To our brothers and sisters in the Asian-American community, please know the Archdiocese of Chicago and the whole church stand with you in this moment of grief and horror. We pray for the victims of the Atlanta shootings and their loved ones.

A recent study found that from 2019 to 2020 anti-Asian hate crimes increased 150% — even while hate crimes in general dropped 7% over the same period. This is intolerable. We pray for all who suffer racist violence and hate speech. There can be no place for either in our society, and it is incumbent on all of us to resist language, culture and acts that denigrate Asian Americans and all people of color — because they have deadly consequences. We must be ever vigilant against words that inspire acts of hate — this responsibility is even greater for elected officials.

When people make racist comments or jokes, it normalizes bigotry, reinforces racism and risks encouraging those who would commit hate crimes. It is incumbent on all Christians, all Americans, to resist subtle and overt acts of bigotry, to build up the common good through acts of love for all our neighbors, near and far.

Holy Family is addressing the sin of racism as a community effort in the true sense of a pro-life movement.  Our mission is focused on education, dialogue, reflection and engagement.  Prayer is a key element in each segment and we pray you will join us on this important journey.

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