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Name: Sue Geegan
Phone: 847-907-3443

Social Justice Network

You can make a difference as a social justice advocate to impact laws that affect our common good. As Catholics living by our Catholic social teachings, we are constantly challenged to be models of Jesus in our world today by standing up for the dignity of all people, putting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged first, acting as responsible caretakers of worldly resources and recognizing our and others rights and responsibilities. And, you can be a social justice advocate from your home.

If you would like to receive emails regarding legislative bills that impact social justice issues such as housing, healthcare, food insecurity, and other life issues, contact Sue Geegan. You can make a difference by letting our legislators know where you stand on bills that affect the common good.

View this list of just a few organizations impacting a variety of social justice issues.


Social Justice Network Links

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